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About Vrak - The museum of wrecks

Exhibition "Resande Man" (Photo:
Exhibition "Resande Man" (Photo:

Vrak - The museum of wrecks - is the newest museum that opened in Stockholm. It was inaugurated on 22.09.2021 by the swedish king and is a sister-museum to the famous Vasa-museum. And it is very much worth a visit in my opinion. The museum is about the shipwrecks in the Baltic sea and it has different exhibitions about that subject. First there is a short movie where the sea talks to you. Then you enter a room where you can learn everything about the vessel "Resande Man" that sank in the Stockholm archipelago in 1660 and has only been rediscovered in 2012. Find out more about items that have been found and listen to the story about the vessel.

On the upper floor, there is a lot of information about the history of boats, war and trade, and also a quite funny overview about how it came to the war between Sweden and Poland, explained with the members of the royal family. Also the story of the famous MS Estonia that sank in 1994. You can hear the original-conversation of MS Estonia with other ships that were close on that day.

And then you enter a very interactive room, where you learn about the work of maritime archeologists. There are virtual reality-glasses where you can dive around a wreck to collect items that you can later analyse. Really interesting, also a lot of movies you can watch where maritime archeologists explain their work and also a library of further informations where you chose out of many subjects what you want to learn more about. And you can open many of the drawers in that room to find further information. You can spend hours there, which is perfect for a rainy day. Also when you're not a big boat-enthusiast, it definitely is worth it anyway. And fun to be an active part of the exhibitions, really makes the visit even more interesting!

The interactive part about maritime archeology (Photo:
The interactive part about maritime archeology (Photo:

Vrak is located in one of the old boathalls on Djurgården, right next to the Viking-museum and Spritmuseum. You find all the information about the museum on the website. It's also worth to check the website closely, there is some more interesting knowledge to be discovered.

Plan some hours for your visit and enjoy it!

When on Djurgården, find out what else you can discover on the museum-island. Also check out the blog for everything there is to see and do in the beautiful swedish capital city.

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