Did you know that the "About"-page ist always the most visited one on websites? Guess that's true, as you're also reading this, maybe even before reading all the information about Stockholm. 


Sorry, there is no detailed information, selfies or other interesting things on this page. But if you read it, you will learn that I was born in 1984. In - no, not what you might think - Berne in beautiful Switzerland. But my country gets mixed up with Sweden all the time anyway. Been to Stockholm a lot when I was younger. You know, the age when you don't like walking around in cities for hours and all you want is some food and the car that takes you back to the interesting places.


But as you know, you don't stay a kid all your life and you realize that cities can be interesting, that there's a lot to see, to discover, and that taking the subway is maybe the fastest way to get from one must-see-point to the other, but that you see a lot more when walking (except that in Stockholm, taking the subway is also worth it, but you'll know why when reading the blog).

This is basically what happened when I went back to Stockholm in august 2013. Definitely wasn't a kid anymore then, so I looked around, walked those streets I've walked a hundred times before, but looked at them differently. Having a big camera with me also helped (if you like the pictures you see on this website: check out my photography-page). There's water everywhere in Stockholm. Bridges. And lovely decorated boats. And beautiful colorful houses. With nice doors. Especially in Gamla stan, the old town. Parks everywhere, benches where you can enjoy the sunset. It's easy to find silence in this huge city. To make it short: I totally fell in love with Sweden's capital city. Went back there many times since then, and let me warn you: Stockholm is addictive. The people that have already been there will confirm you that. Or how many people already told you that Stockholm is ugly?

Guess you found my blog about Stockholm because you're planning to go there. Or you want to go back and search for some things to do or see you haven't last time. You might have bought a touristguide. You now know that you really have to visit Gamla stan, Skansen, Stadshuset and the Vasa-museum, that you need to take the Arlanda Express to Stockholm Centralen, do some shopping at Nordiska and that you should eat köttbullar at least once. They are right, you should see and do all those things. I also write about all that of course and try to give you some additional information. But have you heard about that restaurant with boats on the ceiling? Or the small hidden streets that lead to big squares? Or the ticketsystem for the tramway? Where to find the smallest statue in town? The toilet with camera-surveillance? Where the nicest place for a coffee is? If you want to know all this and a lot more about this fascinating city, it is now time to read all the articles on this website.  And commenting them. And going to the Contact-page to write me a message about what you think about this blog. You read it until here, so now enjoy this page, share it, tell your friends about it, check out my Facebook-page and click on that "Like"-button and follow me on Instagram.

Thank you and have a great time in Stockholm.


By the way: I'm not paid by anyone for posting. So it's not about advertisement or something. It's about places / activities / tourist attractions / restaurants / accommodations / and so on that I liked

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