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This blog was created with the intention to show the beauty of the swedish capital city. Whether if someone is visiting for the first time and is searching for inspiration for what to see and what to do in Stockholm, or whether someone is returning to spend more time in this little paradise. Apparently that happens, I heard.

There are countless things I love about Stockholm. Among them, that there are beautiful views on every corner, there is water everywhere, a lot of green spaces, you can easily find silence, the warm light, the good food, the boats everywhere, that you can walk for hours and it's rarely stressful and also that it almost doesn't get dark in summer. I could go on, but will let you discover more on the blog and when you arrive in the city.

So you'll find here the basics of Stockholm, the "must-sees" when being there for a short time. And also some lesser known spots, some secrets, some suggestions where to eat, to have a drink, where to sleep and what you can do when you have a lot of time and think that you might have seen the most important spots.

Everything I write about here is based on my experience, I wasn't paid for any of the articles, so it's just my honest opinion.

I hope you enjoy it and if it helped or you have a question: please let me know!

I'm Nicole, born in 1984 in Berne, Switzerland.

Spent a lot of time in Sweden when I was a kid, rediscovered the beautiful city of Stockholm in 2013 and can't stop returning there whenever possible, no matter the season.


When not in Stockholm, I love travelling and visiting cities (London, Copenhagen, Salzburg, Rome and Québec City for example), languages, music and photography. That's why (unless otherwise mentioned) all the photos on this page have been taken by me. Check out my website with pictures from all over the world and my website with photos from concerts:

Hope you'll enjoy Stockholm as much as I do!




Nicole Joos -
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