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Gamla stan (Photo:
Gamla stan (Photo:

You here? Great! Welcome to! Happy you found this page and you're reading this! What this blog is about (yes, Stockholm, you guessed it right) and who I am can be read at the "About"-page. All the things you need to know about Sweden's beautiful capital city is here on this blog. Updated regularely of course, so please come back to check for the latest things to do, see and discover in Stockholm. Quite sure there are some things you didn't already know. You'll also find the "Links"-page with some useful additional informations. By the way: I love feedback! Comments on the posts, messages on the "Contact"-page, mails, likes on my Facebook-page or follows on Instagram and all that! Feel free to share the page with friends, enemies, whatever! So please don't hesitate to tell me what you think about this page, what I should write about or if this blog was useful for your stay in Stockholm. And please tell me (in the comment-section here) how you found this website, thanks! Enjoy this page and Stockholm!

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