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About tramways and tickets

Historic tramway 7N (Photo:
Historic tramway 7N (Photo:

Earlier or later when in Stockholm, you may want to go to the island Djurgården. Because it's nice and green and calm, but more likely because many of Stockholms most famous museums are there. And the amusement park Gröna Lund. Anyway, I suggest you to walk there. You walk along Strandvägen and all the beautifully decorated boats. And some bars and restaurants in summer. And you can enjoy the view from Djurgårdsbron and make some pictures, as everybody does.

But you might not always want to walk, so luckily, there is also a tram. There is only one tramline in central Stockholm (line 7, or - on some weekends - also line 7N, the nostalgic tram you can see on the picture) that takes you from T-Centralen to Kungsträdgården, Nybroplan (where the boat start), Styrmansgatan (where you can leave to have food or a drink at Strandbistron for example), Djurgårdsbron (for the picture), Nordiska museet/Vasa Museet/Junibacken, Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund/ABBA The Museum, Skansen, Djurgårdsskolan, Waldemarsudde and Bellmansro (to visit Rosendal's trädgård) and back. The ticketsystem might be a bit different from other cities: There is a ticketcontrol in every tram and as soon as you enter, this person will come to you to validate your ticket. So, to have a valid ticket, you have the following possibilities:

- You have an SL-card and a daypass or a period-ticket

- You have the SL-app on your smartphone and bought a ticket in advance

- You have your creditcard with you and can buy a ticket directly at the staff in the tram. But: You can only buy one ticket per creditcard! So if you're more than one person travelling, make sure everybody can buy with their creditcard or you already have a valid ticket.

So no need to search for a possibility to buy a ticket at the station, on most, there is none.

And some extra-information: Sometimes, the trams are replaced by busses (that's when it's written at the station "ersätt med bus pga vagnbrist"), then you have to wait at the nearest busstation, which might be a few meters away or also on another place (as at Bellmansro for example). You enter busses in the front and have to validate your ticket on the green machine. Same here: tap your creditcard and you get one ticket. All the information about the SL-card and the different tickets can be found on the SL-website.

Check out the blog to find more information about Stockholm and what to do and see there. There are different categories (click on the word) such as Gamla stan, Djurgården, Östermalm, food and drinks, free things, museums, sights and photospots, what to do on rainy days and much more!

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