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About the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

Scenkonstmuseet (Photo: Jonas André)
Scenkonstmuseet (Photo: Jonas André)

When you're interested in music, dance, theatre or opera, the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts - Scenkonstmuseet - is the place to go to. This rather small museum is next to Dramaten (the Royal Dramatic Theatre), which is no coincidence. This really nicely made and interesting museum has two floors. On the ground floor, you find changing exhibitions that are announced on the website.

On the second and third floor, there are exhibitions about performing arts. When I've been there, there was a room with big screens on all the walls where there were performances of different dancing styles from ballet to flamenco to hip-hop, and it gives you the feeling the dancers stand in front of you. In the big rooms you can find interesting information and stories about different arts and learn about stage costumes, shoes, stage designs, listen to artists tell about what they do and many other interesting things that make you understand performing arts better. Some pieces of their huge collection of clothes, instruments and puppets can be seen in the exhibitions. There is also a part for kids where they can try out things related to performing arts. So the museum can be visited with the entire family. There is also the bistro Kavalleriet in the same building and in summer, you can also sit outside and have something to eat or drink before or after your visit.

Find all the details about current exhibitions, opening hours and entrance fee on their website.

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