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About Millesgården

Millesgården (Photo:
Millesgården (Photo:

You don't necessarily need to be an art-lover to appreciate Millesgården. It's a park a bit outside of Stockholm, but still easy reachable. You might already have seen the sculpture with the big hand and the person on it in your guide about Stockholm. That one is called "God's hand" and can be found there! Millesgården contains of many sculptures you can discover when walking through the beautiful park. There's water, statues, flowers, stones, a lot of plants and trees and you always discover some more sculptures sometimes a bit hidden. You can also visit a museum about Carl and Olga Milles, the creators of this park. There's a restaurant of course and an art-exhibition.

For all the information about Millesgården, visit the website. To go there, take the subway to Ropsten, then one of the busses 201, 202, 204, 205, 206, 211, 212 or 221 to Torsviks torg, then follow the signs, it's an about 10 minutes-walk. At some times of the day, you also have busses that leave directly in front of the entrance.

In some guides there's written that you have to go there for the nice view. Well, you have a view to the water. But unfortunately to the industrial part of Stockholm. So don't expect to see Stadshuset or Gamla stan from there. But well, you don't go there for the view after all, but for some calm hours "outside" the city.

I'm not a fan of sculptures in general, but there are some really nice ones worth seeing at Millesgården. It's not a long journey from central Stockholm, so go there on a nice day!

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