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About Margaretha Krook's heated statue

Margaretha Krook's statue (Photo:
Margaretha Krook's statue (Photo:

When in the area of Östermalm, you can't miss Dramaten - Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern (Royal Dramatic Theatre) as it's called officially - the building with many golden pieces. On the left side of it, there is a special statue: it's heated! The statue is Margaretha Krook, one of Sweden's most famous actresses who played in many films and also theatrepieces from the 1950's on. She was asked many times about a statue of her which she declined as to her, statues are always cold and uninviting. After she died in 2002, the theatre still wanted to build a statue for her but wanted to respect her wish. So they made a heated statue on the spot she always smoked a cigarette before going on stage. The statue has constant 37 degrees and that's also the reason why the belly is golden: People touch it when passing by to feel the warmth.

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