About art in the subway

Subway stations in big cities usually all look about the same, rather grey and boring. It's totally different in Stockholm! Here, the subway stations have all kinds of shiny colors and a lot of art. More than 90 of the subway stations in the swedish capital city are nicely painted, decorated and some even have statues, things hanging on the ceiling, stories on the wall and other interesting things you usually don't see when you take the subway to get from one point to the other. So if there's a rainy day in Stockholm, it is definitely worth to get a ticket, go to the underground and discover the different stations of Stockholms tunnelbana. My favourite one is Kungsträdgården. It's all green with some monuments, colourful ceiling and chessboardfloor. Other stations to visit are Rådhuset, Solna centrum, T-Centralen, Tekniska Högskolan and Stadion. It doesn't take hours to see them and it's worth it! In the summertime, there are even guided art walks. Check out my photography-website or some impressions and let me know what you think!

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